August 12, 2015


Ten months! Double digits..holy crap.. Seriously, cannot believe how fast time is going and how much you have grown.  You are more a little girl now than a baby.  Where did my little baby go?  You are so much fun!   You are also fully mobile now which makes things more challenging for mommy and daddy since you like to touch things that you shouldn't and put anything and everything in your mouth.  We need to get on this baby proofing stuff because you are a busy little girl.

We have been spending a lot of time at the beach and with your cousins.  They adore you and you are starting to really enjoy their company as well.  You love to give kisses to everyone.  I love watching you guys together.

You love the pool, as long as its not too cold.  You despise the ocean, just like mommy.  Even getting too close scares you. Don't worry we will stay nice and far from it.  You aren't sure about sand. Mainly you want to eat it (shocker)

I mean... you are gorgeous!

You do take fantastic naps at the beach.  Which is awesome since you really dont take naps anywhere else except the car.  I treasure these little moments when you still snuggle with your mama.  They are becoming fewer and fewer so I take them whenever I can get them. 

Your daddy takes you for walks everyday in the preserve.. You really love being outside.. He also does laps with you around the house which has led to you being very close to walking! You are going to take off any day now.. You just started pulling yourself up on everything.  

Grandma got you this stroller to help you walk around.. You really love it.. You just want to go go go..

We also gave you your first small taste of ice cream this month..lets just say you were enjoyed it a tad.

Baby's first fourth of July was this month!  We went to the long beach fireworks one night.. it was way past your bed time so I didn't know how it would go.  You were an angel.  You weren't scared.  You snuggled with mama and watched the show.  Such a big girl.

We had some fun with auntie Lala that weekend as well.  You attended your first happy hour :)

Holiday pool party with Aunt Colleen and Aunt Gina

We are also still continuing with the Gymboree classes!  You are doing more and more each week. Your favorite part is bubble and parachute're also a fan of the beach balls (baby soccer)

Sitting in a highchair like a big girl at the Cheesecake Factory with Grandma.

Love your sweet smile..

Could you be any cuter?

You love the swings!

You have been having good nights and bad nights with the sleeping lately.  As I mentioned earlier you dont really nap unless we are in the car or stroller. I think you try very hard to fight sleep because you dont like to miss anything.  Your top four teeth are also starting to come in which is why we have been having some rough nights.  

You currently have three teeth on the bottom.  The third one snuck in and Mimi found it. You continue to be obsessed with Molly.  You love to eat anything and everything.. 

You love strangers! New faces and new places to look at.  Sometimes I think you get bored of me and your dad.  You just love to be involved in everything around you and take it all in.  We had to start switching our stroller so that you can face up and out to see everything.  

You clap hands, give kisses, high five, wave bye bye, and say mama and dada.  You definitely understand a lot more than we realize.  When I ask where daddy is you look at him. Same with Molly.  You are such a smart girl. 

Watching you grow has been a whirlwind of emotions.  In just 10 months you have forever changed us.  We love you so so much.  You really make us laugh and smile every day.  Happy 10 Months baby girl!

June 27, 2015

Month 9

Month 9 has been a fun one!  You are a busy little girl.  Being home with mommy and daddy is boring for you now.  You love to be active and around other babies so we signed you up for gymboree!  You are very serious at class as you can see..  It is so much fun to watch you explore new things.  Your love of other babies is only surpassed by your love of strangers.  We need to work on this.  I will try my hardest to make you smile and get nothing and then someone you dont know will say hi and you grin from ear to ear.  You are such a girl.

You cant get enough of Molly.  You follow her around the room with your eyes and try to give her kisses whenever you can get close enough.  She loves you too.  She is quick and doesnt let you catch her all that often but she is patient and lets you play with her.  She also loves that you are eating some finger foods now since you seem to drop a fair amount for her to gobble up.

The weather has been beautiful.  You love being outside.  Your daddy takes you for walks in the preserve just about everyday. We have been going to the park alot too.  You love the swings!

 You hate the sun in your eyes, like most people so we got you babiators, you dont keep them on for very long.  You are more interested in eating them.

You are quite the celebrity at the Atria where Gram lives.  All the residents love you so much.  Gram gets so excited to see you.  She is forgetful of most things but she always remembers you!

You have started crawling.  Well kind of.. You moon crawl.  Haven't quite coordinated the forward motion yet so you have been backing into things and getting stuck in the furniture.  You think this is so funny.

In month 9 we had our first girls weekend in Asheville, North Carolina! You were so good on the plane (all 4 of them) Even with a 5 hour delay on the way home.  You didn't make a peep.  You loved meeting your cousins and exploring Asheville.  You were such a good girl the whole weekend!

Love my morning kisses..

You really love when Mimi sings to you.. especially "I've been working on the railroad" and "twinkle twinkle little star"

You are such a happy little girl.  We have so much fun with you and you make us smile and laugh every day..

9 months has come and gone so quickly.  I love watching you grow but it scares me how quickly it all goes.  I want to hold on to every little moment.  

Things you love: Eating! We started snacks and foods with more texture this month. You love puffs, cheerios and mum mums.  We are working on using a cup and your favorite meal of the day seems to be breakfast.  The car.  Being out doing just about anything; park, beach, shopping etc.  Strangers!  Other babies, gymboree, Molly.  

Things you dont like: going to bed, getting dressed. 

You are a mommies girl lately.  Developing some separation anxiety.  You love to be held and you are always looking for me.  It makes me feel good that you love me so much but it breaks my heart when you cry for me.  

You are sitting, crawling backwards, rolling, saying Dada, you wave bye bye, clap your hands and you are very chatty and vocal. You have been a pretty good sleeper.  Waking up a bit more than usual some nights but over all we can't complain!  You have two teeth on the bottom.  And you are growing way too fast!