October 26, 2010


So this weekend is halloween..a day and reason to dress scandalous with my best friends..not too shabby.. we are going to be devils in case you were wondering..even more importantly we will be drinking this....

Pinnacle had the amazing idea to combine two favorites of the human population...whipped cream and vodka..genius!..I'm super excited to give it the old college try..I'll let you know how it goes ;)

October 20, 2010


I decided this week to make my return to Bikram Yoga. Oh, what a beautiful disaster. You see, the first class after a long time away can be extra challenging as you have to become reacquainted with your frenemy which is the 106 degree room. I have the famous love/hate relationship with the class. Pure torture while your in it..challenging ever muscle, organ, gland that exists in your body..but pure bliss after..it really starts to become a sick addiction, pain for pleasure. During class I always find myself asking whyyyyyy do I do this to myself?! Then when class is over I think "Oh right, this is why." Never do you feel so empowered, so strong, so clear minded, so fit. Thanks Bikram Yoga but I hate how much I love you.

October 11, 2010

Beach Love

Since moving to Long Beach I make it a point to go for walks on the beach every chance I get. I can't get enough of it..it is one of my favorite places to be. Molly, on the other hand, is definitely resisiting the love for the beach that I am trying so desperately to force upon her. She can't quite figure out the sand. Even though she doesn't look the part, she has dog instincts and wants to smell everything..sand does not allow for a pleasant sniffing experience. As soon as her paws hit the sand one of two things happen.. she either starts to sprint like I have never seen before..At first I thought she wanted to chase the birds but now I think she thinks she will sink into it if she slows down..or she sits and jumps in circles, growling at the wind. either way its really funny. Is it mean that I find this hystericle? Maybe you just have to see it for yourself...

October 06, 2010

Alumni Weekend

Once a year my friends and I make the trek back up to Fairfield, CT for alumni weekend. It's something we look forward to because for those three days we are in college again..or as close as we can be to it. We have no responsibilities..our main concerns are what are we going to eat today, what are we going to wear tonight and what do we want to drink before we go out? Oh, those were the days.

Most of the time the most fun of the night is the getting ready and pregame sesh which is always accompanied by Ms Spears at one point and then of course the drunken shenanigans and food frenzy that occur once we get home from the bar. The actual time at the bar is always just a small part of the fun and often times insignificant.

I smiled when I got home and uploaded the pics from the weekend. Like true college form all the pics are us cleaning up nice in the beginning all smiles and hotness followed by gumby, smoochy faces after one too many cocktails..these my friends are the pics of a staple college night..

One thing became apparent this weekend..it was something none of us wanted to admit..we definitely can't keep up like we used to and we just might be getting too old for this..