December 29, 2014

We Will Be Just Fine

That dreaded day is approaching, Mommy is going back to work.  I have so many feelings about this.  Part of me feels like we have had a lifetime together.  Being pregnant and life before that feels likes ages ago.  It is like you have always been here.  The other part of me is thinking how could I possibly have to go back already?!  We haven't had any time at all. It is something I felt like I never had to worry about because it was never going to come but it is here and I am sad.

You are a lot more ready than we are.  Literally one night you went to bed and infant and woke up a baby.  You are so alert and interactive.  You hold your head up like a boss and daddy swears you can stand already.  You are starting to take in the world around you and recognizing the people in your life.  Daddy will be primarily taking care of you..take it easy on him.  I selfishly want to be with you every second and I have this feeling that no one can take care of you as well as I can, even daddy.  But I think that is only true because I haven't given anyone else the chance. I think this will allow you and your daddy to bond in a special way.  I think you will be just fine.  I think daddy will be just fine.  I on the other hand will be a mess.  I will miss you every second I am gone but know that I will always come back.  I will be thinking of you the whole time I am gone and I will always leave you in able hands.

I think one of the best things I can do for you is to keep working as strange as that sounds.  Even though financially I have no choice at the moment I think even if we were rich I would work.  I love being a nurse, not as much as being a mommy, but I do enjoy my job and what it stands for.  I work really hard and make a difference in the world and I want to be a good example for you.  I want you to grow up an see that a woman can do it all.  We can be mommies, wives, homemakers and working women.  Know that you will always come first and being a wife and mommy will always be the most important roles I have.

Some times I look at you and ask you what you are going to be when you grow up.  You smile at me.  I LOVE your smiles.  You can do anything you want to do baby girl. I will support you and help you achieve all of your goals.  I can't wait to see all you will accomplish.  (take your time) we have so much fun to have first.   I love you so much and as I go back to work I hope we will all adapt well.  I know its going to be hard at first, for me at least, but we will get through it and we will all be just fine.

December 08, 2014

Month 2

I feel like I am going to say this every month but..time is flying!!  It is so bitter sweet. On one hand I love to watch you grow and see you achieve new milestones but on the other hand you are my baby and you are growing up and I want to hold on to every little second that seems to slip away so quickly! These are precious moments. Even the hard ones.  I know I will look back one day and miss these days so much so I am trying to soak it all up.  

You are smiling! Not just the gas smiles but actual smiles and we LOVE it! Nothing makes me happier than to see those dimples.  You are a morning person, very unlike your momma.  You are so happy when you wake up.  We play every morning.  Your dad wakes up extra early before work to have that time with you. Night time is a different story. Hard to believe that happy, sweet little baby gets so angry at night! We are working on it ;)

A few things you love: lights, tv (probably because of the lights), the shower, the car, Molly, being rocked and held, eating, laying on your belly and sleeping on your momma.

A few things you don't like: getting dressed, getting into your carseat, sitting still,  your crib

Here are some of your two month old shots..

You and Molly are developing a special bond.. when you cry it definitely alarms her but she is always close by..

For Halloween you were a ballerina.  You were still so tiny no costumes fit you! But I have to say you are the most beautiful baby ballerina I have ever seen 

Thanksgiving you got to meet a lot of new family members..

Your cousins! They love you so much!

They made you a christmas reindeer at build - a - bear

Some more of the Larks.. 

Your great grandma Lark.. She was so excited to meet you

You are still a daddys girl..

You love to sleep on mommy..

Best news of the month is Uncle Robbie moved home! 

walking on the boardwalk with Mimi..

You still make the best faces..

You are starting to love your activity mat also! lots of colors and things to look at

Christmas card pictures..nailed it!

Your two month check up you were 9 lb 14 oz.  Growing like a champ. Perfect and healthy in everyway.  We couldnt ask for anything more.  You are wildly loved baby girl!