September 29, 2014

Baby Shower

On September 14, 2014 Mimi through us your baby shower! It was absolutely perfect.  The theme was pink elephants! There is something so special about having so many people you love and care about in the same room.  We are so lucky to have such amazing family and friends.  You were spoiled rotten baby girl! Lots and lots of goodies.  Your dad and I were overwhelmed with all the gifts we received. We were very grateful to have help getting ready for your arrival, which came a little sooner than we expected...

Me and your Mimi

So many presents!

Our family traveled from Barbados and the Carolinas to celebrate!

You have a lot of aunties..Danielle, Kristin and Casey!

Auntie Laura

Aunt Krissy, Elyse, Colleen and Gina

Your cake was a hit!


Aunt Kelly and cousin Katelyn

Me and Mimi with the yummy dessert table

Me with Great Grandma Ev! She is so excited to meet you

Mommy's work friends

So many bows.  Hat made by Aunt Elyse 


Cousin Berna took lots of pictures!