November 07, 2010


We are all human and, therefore, we all make mistakes. We have all forgiven people who have hurt us and in turn have asked for forgiveness when we have been wrong. It can be tough; tough to ask for and tough to give. Ultimately, it makes everything better. It frees us. I'm not just talking about the kind where you say it and still hold a grudge..true forgiveness does wonders for the soul, really. But why is it so hard to forgive ourselves?

I have found over time that I can be my own worse enemy. I am my harshest critic and my biggest bully. When I mess up I don't let myself forget it. I dwell on things and it's not healthy. I don't like not being perfect but am realizing that if I don't make mistakes I will never learn certain life lessons. Mistakes shape us into better people if we choose to learn from them.

If you are like me and are hard on yourself too, I challenge you to forgive yourself for past mistakes because you deserve it. Do you ever listen to the thoughts in your head? We can be so mean to ourselves..Shoo away the negative words in your head and replace them with positive thoughts. Instead of saying "ugh I look so fat in this shirt" say "damn! I look gooood" even if you don't believe it, you will start to. Instead of saying "Ugh, your so stupid I can't believe you did that" say "That wasn't the best thing to do but now you know for next time." It feels good and it works..Dont forgive and forget but forgive and does the body good :)

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