January 02, 2011


I work with a doctor who literally works 72 hours straight sometimes. He works back to back shifts on different units. Everyone is intrigued by him and they have their theories; he must like being away from his wife and kids, he has money issues, he's part robot, workaholic. You name it I've heard it. I worked with him the other night and he was telling me how he just got off his shift at another local hospital and was now going to be with us for the night. So I asked..how do you do it? why do you do it? and this is what he said...

"Think about the thing that you are most passionate about, the thing that you are the happiest doing ..do you count the hours when your doing it? No.. I am just lucky enough to be passionate about what I do. I am the happiest when I am at work."

Wow, how great would be if we all felt that way about our jobs? I thought I was passionate about my job but he takes it to a whole other level. I physically couldn't do what he does. Then I got to thinking about what that kind of passion is for me...what is the one thing I can do forever..and I couldn't think of anything! ha! Is that sad? Is it normal? What's your passion? Could you take it on for 72 hours and be happy as a pig in poop? I've decided that for me there's beauty in the balance.

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