August 02, 2012


One of the things I have realized over the last few months, with the help of yoga, is that our thoughts ultimately determine everything; our mood, daily happiness, stress level etc.  If we can learn to control our thoughts by staying positive and rejecting negative thinking, we have the power to change our lives.

The mind is so powerful.  It controls everything in the body including how we feel.  Lucky for us we have some control over this element.  I don't know about you but sometimes my mind races and I can be very negative in my own head.  Buddha says what we think, we become and it is so true. Once we are able to recognize, reject and refocus these thoughts we can be happier, healthier individuals.

One of the best ways to change your thought process is to practice gratitude.  Each day think about all the things in your life you are grateful for. ("I am grateful for this beautiful weather"  "I am thankful for clean water and healthy food" "I have the best family, I am so lucky" etc) When we actively concentrate on these kinds of things instead of "I feel so fat" "It is so hot out, I am so uncomfortable" "I am so annoyed that he did that" it helps clear the mind refocus on the positive.

It is a process.  We can't change how we think overnight but if we work at it a little each day, eventually it will come naturally.  What we think, we become. Simple as that. I promise it's true. Give daily thoughts of gratitude and positivity a try, you'll be glad you did.

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