September 04, 2010


Well we have arrived.. Paris is amazing! more posts to follow about that when I get back.

For now I have to make a shout out to Air France..oh my goodness. What an amazing way to travel. I wouldn't use any other airline if it went all the places I wanted to go. Get this.. FREE wine, beer and champagne the entire flight! yup, you heard me the entire flight. Screw you America for charging $5.oo for a lousy in flight soda and peanuts..take a lesson from the french. I know what your thinking, it could be a recipe for disaster. But we were good. We simply sipped on some yummy bubbly. Probably because we already had two glasses of vino in the airport and were gearing up to take an ambien. So, naturally we had to be careful ;). They also served a delicious dinner and snack. I know..I was shocked too. There was also a wide selection of movies, tv shows and games for your personal tv. I watched 'Valentine's Day' and 'Date Night,' mom watched about a quarter of Valentines Day. Both were cute and entertaining in case you were wondering. Anyway, I was spoiled, yes spoiled in coach, and will never fly the same again. Merci, Air France..Merci!

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