September 21, 2010


When I think of Prague I will forever think of four things; beer, fairy tales, thai massage and gulash. Not a bad combo? I know what your thinking "she tried another thai massage? did she not learn her lesson? does she like happy endings?" The answer is no this was a legit place. Because of our last experience we were weary of the situation but after a week of walking our tootsies hurt and a foot rub sounded very appealing even if it meant listening to heavy breathing and swishy sounds. we opted for the $20 1/2 hour foot rub, it was a good choice. Heaven. We left feeling like new women. We felt so good that we went back the next day for a $45 hour and a half full body. Some of the best money we have ever spent.

Beer in Prague is cheaper then water. So naturally, to save money, we drank a lot of it. It was good..the food, however, not so much. The gulash and dumplings were delish but very heavy. We decided to get a ceasar salad and nachoes for lunch one day..let's just say dont try to americanize Prague..stick with the meat and potatoes and you'll be fat but golden.

Prague has a very gothic feel to it. All the buildings look like castles and you truely feel like you are in a fairy tale. The main attraction is the "Old Square" which is home to the famous clock tower. Every hour the bell rings and trumpet players play to announce the new hour. The St. Charles walking bridge has beautiful scenery and religious statues depicting different events and people from the bible. Horse drawn carriages roam the streets feels all too magical until you turn the corner... XXX shops, Sex machine museums, "non stop" bars and casinos.. In conclusion Prague's got a little something for everyone whether your taste is fairy tale or fetish.

Again, pictures to follow...

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