February 05, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

My cousin Ally just started doing the 30 day photo challenge on facebook. Each day is a theme and you have to post a picture to go with it. I am totally stealing this idea because I think it's super cute and convenient for daily blogs ;) thanks, Ally!

Day 1: post a picture of yourself with ten random facts about you..

1. I dont like lobster
2. I will always choose pickles over ice cream
3. I used to act in shows at a playhouse when I was a kid
4. I still wear my retainer every night
5. I do the sign of the cross whenever I see roadkill
6. I am allergic to most fruits
7. I am paranoid that I'm developing a hunch
8. I have an obsession with broadway
9. My cars name is Roxy
10. I worked at Hollister for one weekend

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