May 06, 2011


My heart has been heavy over the last few days as we lost a member of our family. Sydney was the kind of family member everyone wants. She was sweet, beautiful, always so happy to see you and loved her family unconditionally. She was happiest on your lap and had a special love for my mom. She was loyal and a bit sassy. She had a strut which told you she knew she was cute. But she wasn't always a girly girl. As my brother, Max and I can tell you from throwing toys back and forth she was a vicious competitor when she wanted to be. Molly will also tell you she wasn't one to messed be with, she let her know who was boss whenever Molly would try to steal her food.

It doesn't seem fair that these family members who often times bring us the most joy have such a short time here on earth. I think the truth's all they need to make a life changing impact. Sydney really got sick four years ago. You wouldn't have known that up until the last few months. She was such a little trooper. She was there for us in ways we could never explain to someone who didn't experience it. I believe her time to go was a few months ago but she knew we weren't ready. Maybe it was selfish of us but she bounced back a little and we couldn't bear to lose her. She fought and finally she had no fight left. She knew we were ready, we told her it was ok to go and she did.

I couldn't have asked for a better companion growing up. I love her more then words could ever explain and my heart hurts to know I will never see her again in this life. Dogs are the most selfless, loving creatures on earth which is why I know all dogs go to heaven..we will see her again....I love you my sweet, sweet Sydney girl..we will miss you..until we meet again...

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