December 13, 2011


I was in yoga class the other day and the teacher read a passage out of a book that stuck with me. It basically talked about the fact that many of us have an idea in our head that when we reach a certain goal or milestone in life we will be happier. For example, "when I pay off all my debt I'll be happy," "when I graduate from school," "when I'm engaged" etc.. we look to some future event in which we think life will be so much better. In doing that we miss out on today. All of us are on some sort of up hill climb. While on this climb instead of looking at how far we have to go we should look back once in awhile and be aware of how far we've come. Whether we realize it or not we have all come a long way and we should be proud of our growth, what we have accomplished and be thankful for the journey.

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