January 08, 2012


Resolutions are a funny thing because I feel like if its something we wanted or were able to do we would be doing it already. When January 1st comes not much changes except for the year number. We dont magically have more time, more money or change who we are. I think often times we say we are going to make these extreme changes which ultimately sets us up to fail.

We should always be trying to better ourselves and making positive adjustments in our life year round. I don't make new years resolutions anymore because I know I ultimately will feel bad about myself because there will come a time when I break it. Instead this year I decided that I am going to continue on the path that I am on and work at finding the balance and try to do the right thing. Focus on the relationships that matter and let the ones go that dont, eat healthy and enjoy some greasy stuff once in awhile, go to yoga a few days a week and skip it if I want to sit on the couch and catch up on greys anatomy and glee, save money but splurge once in awhile on things that make me happy. You get the idea..

It's obviously important to have goals in life.. just make them doable and don't be hard on yourself if things don't always happen the way you planned. Strive for balance this year..it's the best gift we can give ourselves.

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