January 13, 2012

A Day with Gma

I love my grams.. unfortunately we had to bring her to the hospital recently..she's doing ok! After spending the day in the ER with her I have to share a few one liners with you...

"Mrs Lark..do you wear a hearing aid?" -nurse
"Pardon??" -gma

"I hope you dont mind this is my first time drawing blood.." (jokingly) -nurse
"What am I a pigeon?!?!" -gma
"gma you mean guinea pig?" -me
"O yea, guinea pig" - gma

"I am so happy for you (PS I'm engaged!!)..and you are going to be an O'Rourke! IRISH! I'm Irish you know.. So much better then that Oranati name"-gma

I have to say she keeps me entertained.

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