August 16, 2014


Can I tell you a secret?  I am scared.  Reality is starting to set in. You will be here in just 10 short weeks and  while I cannot wait to meet you I have realized that all the books in the world will not prepare me for what is coming.  I have spent 99% of my free time preparing for your arrival.  Reading about what your first few months will most likely be like, researching the best pediatricians, researching and cross referencing all of your baby gear to make sure it is the best and safest stuff we can get.  We only want the best for you.

I know I have done as much preparation as I can. The rest we are going to have to figure out together.  I hope you will be patient with us.  I hope that you will feel safe and happy in our home. I can promise you that you will always be surrounded by so much love.  We already adore you so much.  Your daddy and I stare at your pictures all the time.  We get excited when you move around in my belly.  You are getting bigger and stronger every day.

At the end of the day the stuff I am stressing about probably doesn't even matter. I have a feeling when you get here you will have a way of telling us exactly what you like and dont like, what you need and dont need. You are going to teach us just as much as we are going to teach you.  Having a baby will surely change our lives forever and we can't help but feeling that our lives are just getting started.  Reality is ...the best is yet to come. 

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