July 29, 2014

Helloo Third Trimester!

We are officially in the third trimester, baby girl, and it is just 12 more weeks until we get to meet you! I can't believe how strong you are getting.  You are kicking me all over, sometimes hard enough to startle me.  But I love it!  Everyone loves feeling you too.  I still can't believe you are in there.

Here is what is going on lately..

Your Mimi has been planning your baby shower with all of our family and friends! The theme is pink (ofcourse) and elephants (because your Momma is slightly obsessed) I am very excited! I love any reason for a party but celebrating your arrival is going to be extra special! You are so lucky to have such amazing people in your life and you are so loved already.  I am so excited for you to meet all of them.

Your dad has been frantically getting your room ready.  He decided to knock down all the walls so he could re insulate them so you are nice and cozy in the cold winter.  He added a few more outlets in your room and in the process wiped out the electricity on one side of the house.  oops! I'm hoping he can fix it!  Right now your room is not very impressive.  Still needs a lot of work. But I promise it will be just perfect by the time you get here.  Your rug came this week and it is beautiful! First nursery purchase down..a lot more to go!

As for me I am still loving watching my belly grow and feeling you move all around.  I am still craving lemonade and grapefruit juice.  My big belly is starting to take a toll on my back, especially at work.  Your dad has been nice enough to rub it for me and my heating pad came today which I think will help a lot.  Our next doctors appointment is in a week and a half and I am excited because I will get to see you through ultrasound.  Those visits are my favorite.

We've had a very good 7 months, baby girl, lets finish strong! 91 days to go...

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