October 11, 2014

Your Birth Story

Monday morning, after an awesome weekend with our family, seemed liked any other day.  I had a lot of plans for the day, lots to get done.  But you, little one, had other plans.  Looking back, you were giving me little signs your were coming early, but being a first time mom I thought all the little changes were a normal part of the end of pregnancy.  I started out my errands for the day.  I got some accomplished and then I just did not feel right.  I decided to go home and lay down for a little while.  After laying down for awhile I still had a feeling something was just not right and I called the doctor who told me to come in for a check to be safe.  I called your dad at work to let him know I was going to the hospital for a check and I don't think I was able to even finish my sentence before he said "I'M ON MY WAY!!"  He called me so many times on the way to the hospital.  I think he thought I was going to  have you in my car.  I really was convinced they were going to send us home and tell us everything was fine.  When they told me I wasn't going to leave the hospital pregnant and my water was leaking I was so scared. You weren't due for another 6 weeks.  Were you going to be ok?  Why did this happen?  I was crying, I felt like I had in some way failed as your momma, unable to carry you all the way.  But little did I know you were just ready..you wanted out.

We were admitted to labor and delivery where they started me on a magnesium drip to stop labor.  This medicine was the devil.  It made me feel like a hot, tired, noodle who always has to pee.  Your dad was by my side through everything and assisted me in ways he probably never thought he would have to.  But he did and he was great.  We finally got a room on the regular floor once labor stopped. The docs wanted to keep you in my belly a few more days to make sure you were the strongest you could be to come out.  We rested and waited.  We worried and thought about you.  We couldn't wait to meet you

Daddy slept over at the hospital with me to make sure we were both ok.

Mimi came too to stay with me while daddy went home to get some stuff we needed and to get your room ready.

I took some pictures of my belly.  I loved being pregnant.  I love feeling your little kicks in my belly.  I loved talking to you and having you with me all the time. As excited as I was to meet you and have you with us, part of me was going to miss the special time in our relationship.  Pregnancy is really the most amazing thing.

At 4 AM on Thursday, September 18th,  it was time for induction! We went back to labor and delivery where they put me back on the monitor and started the pitocin around 6:30 am.  They told me it was going to be a long day.  That first time moms usually labor for awhile so I should try to get comfortable.   About a half hour later I really started feeling the contractions.  OUCH! I got an epidural and was told that I should sleep, it would be awhile now.  But the pain was still intense.  The nurse called the doctor and he came in since I should have gotten some relief.  When he checked me he said I was fully dilated and ready to push! What?!  Was this really happening?!  You were one determined little girl.  We called Mimi who was at work and she nearly had a heart attack running to the delivery room so she could be there to help welcome you into the world.  She made it :)

At 9:50 AM on 9/18/14 after a half hour of pushing with coaching from Mimi, Daddy and the docs that sounded like the final 10 seconds of a tied super bowl game you were born! Our little angel. Daddy and I were both in awe.  We could not believe you came out of me.. You were here.. You were ours! We were so worried about you and you came out kicking and screaming and we knew you were going to be just fine.  Your first breath took ours away.  And just like that we were a family.

The little kicks I had felt all these months now had a face, beautiful little eyes looking back at me.

You were 5lbs 6oz, 17 and 1/2 inches long.  Not bad for 6 weeks early.

You were so calm in our arms.  You looked at us like you knew we were your mommy and daddy.

Your daddy is absolutely in love with you.  You have him wrapped around your itty bitty finger just like we knew you would.

You had to go to NICU to be monitored because you were 6 weeks early.  I wasn't able to spend that much time with you after you were born because they needed to make sure you were ok. It was torture not having you with me but I knew you were going to be ok.  Once I was out of recovery we came to be with you.  You were so tiny I was nervous to hold you.  The nurse put you on my chest when you were crying and you stopped.  You knew you were with your momma and you melted my heart.

When we were in the hospital a few days before you were born we were really scared because we didnt know how big you would be and if you would be ok.  Aunt Laura sent me a quote that I love that is now on your nursery wall (again thanks to Aunt Laura) "Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest space in your heart." -Winnie the Poo

How true.

You were too tiny to breastfeed right away because they said you would get to tired. So you had to take a bottle and you ate like a champ!

It seems that I lost out in the gene pool..for now..you are definitely your daddy's little girl

Your Mimi and Grandma came to visit later that day.  They adore you.  Both of them couldn't stop smiling.

I feel so blessed to be your Mommy.  One thing I learned about pregnancy is you can never have a plan or expectations.  Things will happen and you have to learn to roll with the punches.   We are so lucky that you came out perfect in every way. I am so grateful that you were a healthy little peanut.  You were just ready to be born and you came out a feisty little thing.  I think your dad and I are in for a wild ride with you and we feel like the luckiest parents in the world.  We love you little miss Rylan Lark O'Rourke.

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