November 01, 2014

The Journey Home

Since you were a tad early you had to spend 6 days in the NICU to make sure you were ready to come home with us.  It was the longest 6 days of my life.  All I wanted to do was hold you close and take you home.  You were perfect and strong especially for your "gestational age" but you were a little jaundice which happens even in full term babies so they had to monitor your levels.  The NICU staff was wonderful and took such great care of all of us. I say all of us because mommy was very emotional! They were very supportive and helpful and made me feel very comfortable to let them take care of you.  I was blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl and I knew I was lucky that you only had a short stay there. 

I was in awe of you.. I couldn't believe that you were in my belly.  Your daddy and I made you, you grew inside me and now your here! It blows my mind.  You are a perfect little miracle.  

Your daddy is so in love with you.  He was still a little nervous because you are so small.  He takes such careful care of you and is so so protective already.

One of our favorite things you do is this..  when we change your diaper and you are naked you stretch your arms and legs out so far! It is so cute!

The volunteers at the hospital knit you a hat and a blanket because the regular newborn hats were to big for your tiny head.

One of the ways to treat the jaundice is light therapy.  I hated it because I couldn't hold you but I knew letting you do it would allow me to bring you home faster.  So I settled for holding your tiny hand..

You seemed to enjoy your sunbathing sessions.

I remember the morning I walked in and didnt see you in the isolette and lights I cried.  I was so happy to see you in this nursery crib because I knew it meant I was so close to bringing you home!

Aunt Colleen happened to be working in the NICU the week you were there.  We were very lucky to see a familiar face to tell us what was going on.  She also gave mommy some awesome swaddling and feeding tips!

You killed your car seat test!

We got the all clear from the doctor! It is time to go home! Aunt Laura got you the cutest going home outfit.

Daddy drove home so slow! He was so nervous to have you in the car.  We were so excited to bring you home. You did great in the car.  Here is our first out of the hospital family picture..

..let the adventure begin :)

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