April 14, 2010


I have TMJ that causes jaw pain and muscle spasms in my neck and back. I've tried many things to treat it with no relief. I recently decided to try acupuncture and I am addicted. I was weary about it at first, I mean they stick needles in your back and face for goodness sake. After doing some research and finding that it doesn't hurt and does work I decided to give it a try. The chinese are way ahead of us in the holistic approach to healing. In addition to acupuncture she gave me a regimen of natural supplements and diet tips that have helped as well. After only a few sessions I already feel relief.

After the needles she does a technique called 'cupping.' Essentially they are suction cups that are put on the skin and they suction out the stress and toxins that cause the spasms. It is the best and you feel amazing when its over.

Only down side is the cups leave these round hickey like bruises on the skin..I guess cupping will have to be a winter only treatment. My friend Gina reminded me that these marks will not be cute for bathing suit season.

So the next time you have pain, don't give into the accepted American view of popping a pill. Try a holistic approach first as not only will it solve the problem but it will also get to the root of it which result in lasting relief. The chinese are on to something here ;)

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