May 13, 2010

It's Just a Number

Age is a funny thing. When we are young we long to be older so we can do the things adults get to do. Then when we finally hit the age where we get to do all the things we always dreamt of and what do we do? We long for the days of our responsibility free lives as children. We humans are very hard to please. Age really is just a number. Why do we obssess over it? I know plenty of young people that act like old ladies and plenty of old ladies that have more energy then most youngins.

My friends and I always joke about how old we are getting..we know that we are still young but life has changed a lot for us over the past few years; graduating college and entering the 'real world.' We have had to adapt a little and I guess we are still a little insecure about it.

This past week I was in South Carolina with my family. I was on the beach minding my own business when a cute hawaiian lifeguard came up and started talking to me. I knew he was younger then me but not by more then 2-3 years. I was bored on the beach by myself and he was interesting so we chatted. About 20 minutes into the conversation he asks how old I am..I say 24 and he looked like he had seen a ghost..he stumbled over a few words and then said "Well, I should be getting back to work." Ouch! I was depressed and feeling like an old maid for about an hour.. then I realized I was being ridiculous. I am not an old maid and I vowed to myself then and there that I would never be one. So, poo on you cute, hawaiian lifeguard but thanks for helping me realize a valuable life lesson; age doesn't define us..we define the age.

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