May 01, 2010

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

I always think about how I wish I would have started this blog while I was still in college. Oh, how I would love to have written down some of the memories from those years. I got to thinking lately about some of the things that I would have written about. There are so many stories but a few that stuck out were..

Sophmore year we lived in the "penthouse" of East hall. My friends surprised me with a cake for the big 20 they were singing the fire alarm went off in the buiding..our faces dropped as we looked up to see the candles were directly under the smoke detector. We decided it would be smart to hide the cake and exit the building. We later overheard on the radio.. "yea, we got some birthday candles up here."

Halloween was always wild.. anything goes on halloween in college..whether it be our fallen angels, firefighters or cops..always made for a fun and interesting night.

The countless stories of trying to domesticate Gina; teaching her how to make canned soup, use the dishwasher, cut her meat etc. And trying to keep Colleen in one piece was always fun too, the girl fell about three times a week and broke two household items a month without fail.

When a bug would weasle its way into our house, somehow always in me and Gina's room, you would have thought we were being attacked by an axe murderer with the screams we let out. Nadayne always came to the rescue as she girlishly swatted at the critter in question. One time the critter was furry. We found him dead in the kitchen. As girls who cant go two hours without a snack or meal this was the longest amount of time we were ever not in the kitchen... It wasn't until a male recruit removed the mouse that we thought about going back in..still with slight hesitation..eww

Then there was the time we called the cops on our own party. It was an "anything but clothes party" one of our best until it got a little out of hand. Some people were seen fleeing the scene with backpacks. The next day we were warned by one of our neighbors that word on the block is that we are drug dealers. 6 girls living in house..coming and going at all hours of the day with big bags..having different guests visiting us.. totally not the normal behavior of college students.

Homemade dinners were the best. Did I mention we love to eat? We always cooked and ate like a family, not your typical college house but we loved it. We had a few staples that included pasta with vegetables, chicken burritos, chicken stir fry and always a salad. Then later when we got our second wind we would either have left overs, dino nuggets, mac and cheese or whatever was in the pantry to munch on.

Snowstorms were the best. Nothing quite like being snowed in with your best friends. As soon as we heard news of the approaching storm we would set up a plan of action that included runs to the grocery and liquor store. We would stock up as if we were going to be snowed in for days. Every once in awhile a storm would sneak up on us with no time to prepare and we literally would trek out in feet of snow, blizzard like condions..basically risking our lives to get the goods..sad? I call it determined. We are women who know what we want. :)

We also had our own languages. Yea, weird. Really the only entertainment we needed was each other. Too bad using the video feature on our cameras wasn't really the thing to do until second semester of senior year. I miss laughing as much as I did everyday. As the old saying goes all good things must come to an end. Like every other phase in life, college is a fleeting time and I am thankful that I had the priviledge to experience it. I am also thankful that I still have those same best friends and every so often we still make it a point to make dinner together, have sleep overs, talk in our languages and reminisce about just how good we had it.

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