June 17, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Tomorrow's the big day..my dress will be arriving from rent the runway! I hope it lives up to all my expectations. Fingers crossed.

I was showing this dress to someone at work who knew I was looking for something to wear to the wedding. When I showed her my choice she says "your wearing THAT to a wedding?!" My heart sunk, "Yea, whats wrong?" She proceeded to tell me that it is cardinal rule number one that no one can wear white at the wedding except the bride. Okay, as a girl who has not been to all that many weddings this is a rule that I was not aware of. I mean, I wouldn't wear a white ball gown or anything but I'm going to say this one is ok. She joked that she will pick me up if I need to escape the bullying bridesmaids that will surely be out to kick my ass. In my defense it does say in the description that it is tinted gold. So, I plan to wear gold shoes, gold jewelry and carry a gold clutch to hopefully bring out the hue. I've asked around about this rule and got mixed answers on the subject. All in all it is unclear and at then end of the day depends on the bride (who I don't know). Perfect.

So, say a little prayer that I don't offend anyone this weekend all the while looking fabulous in my white, gold tinted, non bridal looking dress! :) pictures to follow.

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