June 12, 2010

What's The Rush?

Generally when people find out that I've been dating my boyfriend for six years they ask "so when are you getting engaged?" To which I respond "not any time soon." Then I get the look, the 'what's wrong with you' look. I'm 24 people. I love my boyfriend and I probably will marry him one day but I am in no rush. I mean once your married your married forever, hopefully. That is a long time to live with a boy.

As young girls, most of us dream about our wedding day. Pretty dresses, fancy hair and make up, beautiful flowers, dancing, all eyes on us; we are the princess for a day. Once that party is over, however, there is a marriage and it is far from a game of house. It's a union that takes hard work, compromise and patience. I'm a very selfish person right now, as every twenty something year old should be. I want to do what I want to do.. I want to be with my girlfriends, stay out to the wee hours of the morning, go on shopping sprees for myself and travel the world. Not to say that marriage ends all of those things but I'm pretty sure something changes. So don't pressure me world and make me feel like a freak of nature for not wanting to even think about getting engaged yet, although the ring would be fun to have :) Things will happen when they are supposed to. So let go of the past, don't stress about the future and simply enjoy the present.

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