June 25, 2010

Lizzy Baby

There is a patient on our unit that has been with us for about two weeks now. She is making big strides each day but sometimes she is still a tad confused. She reminds me of someone, an actress, but I can't put my finger on who..maybe Fran Drescher's mother on The Nanny with darker features. I've only had her two nights of her stay, both nights she happened to be sedated and intubated, but she somehow always remembers my name. Picture an italian woman from Brooklyn with a very fiesty personality.

Each night that I've worked three things happen without fail. First, she spots me.. usually yelling across the unit "Lizzzy Babyyy!!" I hear, it's her summons for me. I think she likes me because we share a love for the celeb gossip and dancing shows (she has posters of the male pros from 'dancing with the stars' all over her hospital room..true statement) "Lizzy my baby, I miss you," she says to me even if its only been ten minutes since the last time I saw her. Second, she usually asks me for a cigarette to which I say that A) I dont smoke and B) she shouldn't either and definitely can't while she is hooked up to oxygen in an ICU because she will blow us all to bits. She thinks this is just too funny.. Lastly, the night would not be complete if she didn't ask me if I was married or had any children. After saying no she proceeds to try to set me up with her 50 year old, married, balding son. "Lizzy Baby I love you..have you met my son?"

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