August 26, 2010

Birthday Girl

30 years ago today a very special person was born, my momma. Here are just a few reasons why I love my her...

1. The way she never says a bad word about anyone. Really, it's saint-like.
2. How beautiful she is..inside and out.
3. The way she takes care of herself. Yoga, biking, name it she does it and I can't keep up. She always orders fish or a salad while my go to is 'pasta.' discipline.
4. For being my best friend. We have so much fun together. I don't laugh with anyone like I laugh with my mom.
5. For sharing her clothes with me :)
6. For her quirky sense of humor. I love it and thank her for it as I too have acquired this blessing/curse.
7. For her sleep walking. Quite possibly some of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.
8. The way she will drop everything to be there for her family and friends. She has and she will.
9. For teaching me to cook and for showing me how to be a strong, independent woman.
10. For being the best mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt and friend anyone could ask for.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday. Here's to you. And here's to the best year deserve nothing but the best!

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