July 05, 2011


Unless you live under a rock you've heard by now that Casey Anthony was found 'not guilty' While I do believe she is in fact guilty there are few things to keep in mind. 1. The jury was not able to see any media coverage of the trial during the 31 days and we are definitely tainted by this. 2. There was no dna at the crime scene linking her or cause of death. 3. This is the country we live in and while we know she probably is guilty there simply wasnt enough evidence to exclude reasonable doubt. I am proud and privileged to live in a country where the judicial system versus popular opinion is superior.

Casey Anthony is not a free woman. She will never be able to put this behind her. She will never be able to have a normal life. Prison might have been a better option for her in comparison to what she probably faces from the public in the future. She will get hers. I believe in Karma. I felt all through this trial Caylee was lost. The trial became about so much more. This post is not just to restore a little bit of faith in the legal system but to remember what this is all about and that is justice for Caylee. She didn't get justice today officially but her story has been heard and she has people that think of and pray for her..Take a moment in your day today and say a prayer for her..that she is safe and happy with God.. also..as hard as it may be..I challenge you to pray for Casey and her family..afterall, don't the lost and sinful need our prayers the most?

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