July 19, 2011


Recently New York state legalized gay marriage! What a milestone for our generation. It is very comforting to see society becoming accepting of all different people and enforcing equality. I was proud to be a New Yorker that day and even happier for the gay men and women I know.

At the hospital I work with a lot of very religous people. Some of them were not too happy with this decision as they said in the bible it says that men must be with women and that it is unnatural. I argued that the bible says not to judge and treat everyone equally and with respect. Gay couples are not hurting anyone by simply loving each other. They deal with the same issues that male/female couples deal with but without any of the benefits. Legalizing gay marriage also doesn't have anything to do with religion. They are not getting married in the churches but in the eyes of the law. Last time I checked there was still seperation of church and state. But if you ask me, I dont think God minds who we love, afterall, His message is love.

Maybe one day the church will catch up to the times as our government seems to be slowly doing. The bible was written centuries ago and a lot has changed in society since then. I think some of the strict teaching such as you are going to hell if you use birth control, if you're gay, if you have gotten a divorce drives people away. God loves all of us unconditionally and those things don't make us malicious or sinful, but a human being of our generation. I can go on and on about this so I'll stop. In conclusion, Yay for the gays! May we all continue to grow as a society of tolerance, acceptance, equality and love.

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