August 17, 2011


I feel so blessed to have the friends in my life that I do. Friends come and go but if your lucky you will have a few for life. I have a solid group of girls that I know I can rely on for anything. I feel like I have known them my whole life. I always say I wish I had a sister but I forget that I do in each of them. Like sisters, sometimes we fight but it's comforting to know we will always talk things out, we always make up, learn and move on better people. We have truley grown together over the years. Real friends don't let anything come between them. Like family I also take them for granted at times. I'm making more of a conscious effort to never take them for granted and to remind myself how lucky I am to have them in my life, to live close to them and get to spend the time with them that I do. Afterall, there is no fun quite like the fun you have with your best girlfriends.

This is just a little shout out to my girls..I love you..I want you to know how blessed I feel to have you in my life..thank you for just being know who you are ;)

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