August 23, 2011


Big day in New York today as we had an earthquake! If you can call it that. Yes, the ground did tremor, no damage, some felt it and some didn't. If you have to ask everyone if they felt the quake then my thought is that it probably wasn't a legit earthquake. Do you think the people in Japan were like 'hey, did you feel the earthquake?' They were probably more like 'hey can you get this cement block of my chest so I can breathe?'

The news ate this up. There was live, "breaking news" coverage for about 3 and half hours on eyewitness news. It went a little something like this.. there was a tremor in the area from a 5.9 earthquake out of Virginia. No injuries, No damage. No tsunami threat. Story over, right? wrong. This was probably the most repeitive series of news reports EVER. People had to go home because they were too traumatized. I get it, in NYC everyone is afraid of terrorism and I can imagine how scary the initial rumbling probably was for the people in buildings but a mental health day? come on. In the hospitals we don't get that luxury. Even if the world is ending we are not allowed to leave. They shut down airports for awhile, too. I'm no expert but I thought the air would be the safest place during an earthquake.

Everything aside it was my first earthquake, I can say I've experienced one. I've had enough now. I hope it was my last.

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