March 21, 2015

Months 3 and 4

SO I will be combining months 3 and 4 for this post because I am a little behind but I have a great excuse, YOU! You are keeping me so busy and I love spending all of my free time with you.  You have grown SO much over the last two months, baby girl.  I know I say this every month but time. is. flying!! While I miss things about you being newborn I wouldn't trade it for right now.  Each stage is better than the last. You are starting to show your personality to us and we could not be more excited.  You make mommy and daddy so happy.  We still can't believe you are ours.  How did we get so lucky?

Christmas time was in month 3 and everyone spoiled you.  You are a lucky little girl.  You have so many people in your life that adore you.  Christmas Eve we always spend at Grandma and Poppy's house and Christmas Day we spend with the Larks.  You spent New Years Eve with mommy at home while daddy worked in NYC.  You were my first kiss of 2015.  Here are a few shots from the holiday festivities...

Mommy has been back at work since Jan 1.  We all have done some adjusting...

You and daddy had some differences of opinion when it came to whether or not you should sleep while I was gone.  You gave him a hard time and he blamed his lack of boobies. You both have compromised and worked out a routine. You liked to snuggle with your momma at night so when I went back to work you did not appreciate the change of sleeping arrangements. We let you sleep in the swing because it is the only place you stayed asleep. Youre a girl who knows what she likes.  Problem is now your starting to roll.  So, we have started trying other things.  The crib is still a little too big for your liking as you are still a peanut.  This week was a successful bassinet week so hopefully you will continue to be happy in there for awhile.  You like to be cozy, I dont blame you.

 You and your daddy have the sweetest bond.  That is one thing I am grateful for in going back to work.  I hogged you a bit and daddy relied on me a bit too much when I was home all the time.  Now when he is the only one there you both have had to figure out some new things together and it has made you that much closer. I love watching the two of you together.  Not to sound sappy but it melts my heart! I love your daddy on a whole new level after seeing how he loves you. It is so special and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful dad.

Another thing we noticed this month is that you are daddy's twin.  We always knew you looked like him but when Grandma sent me daddy's baby picture I couldn't believe it was him and not you! Don't worry, he is quite the cutie..see for yourself...

You have to know I miss you so much when I am at work.  I find myself watching videos of you, looking at pictures, calling daddy to see how you are and facetiming when I can't take it and I have to see your beautiful face. I cant wait to get home so we can snuggle.  We nap together and it is my favorite.  I really can't get enough of you.  You really bring so much joy to our lives, Rylan.

Month 4 was also your Baptism! Congrats, you are officially a little Catholic girl.
It was a really special day that we were lucky enough to share with family and friends.  You were soo good! Didn't make a peep all day.  You just love to watch everything and take in the world around you.

As we approach month five you are smiling all the time, cooing legit sentences (you love to talk!) you have started to roll from back to side, you swat at toys on your play mat, you hold your head and chest up in tummy time (so strong!) you squeal and you did share you first laugh with mommy and daddy in month 4.  Both of us were making fools of ourselves to try and get you to smile and you laughed for both of us!  It was such a special moment I will never forget! However, it was a one time deal.  Still waiting for you to share that laugh on the regular.  There is nothing better than your laugh and smiles!  You are also really noticing Molly in month 4, you follow her with your eyes and even reach out to touch her.

At you 4 month old Dr's appt you were 13 lbs 4 oz! You love to eat! (a girl after my own heart)

Things you love:  lights, the tv, showers, Molly, the car, biting anything, the swing, any kind of motion, morning time (you are so happy in the morning!) and just taking everything in.  You are very nosey and love to see what is going on.

Things you do not like: Getting boogies sucked out of your nose (you hate it actually), getting dressed, your crib, tummy time and sadly things on your head (ie bows and hats) but I am going to keep on trying because you just look so darn cute.

Daddy and I always talk about how we cant wait for the warm weather to come.  We have so many fun things planned for us to do.  You make life exciting and fun.  We love watching you discover new things and learn and grow.  You are so, so loved.  We want nothing more than to see you happy and healthy.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives.  We love you!

A few more from months 3 and 4...

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