April 26, 2015

Can't Get Enough

When you were born someone told me that while I would be sad to see you grow up so fast, I wouldn't trade past stages for each new one.  That they just get better and better. And it is so true!  I LOVED the newborn snuggles.  All you ever wanted to do was sleep on mommy or daddy's chest and we couldn't get enough either.  We don't get those kind of snuggles anymore because you are too busy discovering the world around you but now we get those smiles and giggles and we definitely wouldn't trade those for anything.  You just turned 7 months old.  (Mommy has some catching up to do with the blog posts) Here are  just a few things that I love that you do these days...

You wake up around 6 or 7 am (nope not that part) and when I go to pick you up from your crib you give me the biggest smiles and then you grab my face with both hands and pull me towards you to suck on my cheek.  I know its because you are hungry but I like to think you are giving me kisses. :)

I love how you squeal when you are really happy.  You aren't ticklish so it is very hard to get those giggles out of you.  You like it when we startle you when we play peek a boo.  You get so excited!

I love how when I sing to you or play music you sing back.

I love how you are starting to reach for me.  You are very good and go to everyone and make everyone feel good but you are just now starting to decide when you want your momma back.  It makes me feel really good.

I love how when I am feeding your big girl food,  you literally can't get it fast enough.  You will "chew" on the air and show your disapproval when I don't give you your bites fast enough.  I love how much you love food.  I also love the faces you make when you try new things.

I love how when you breastfeed you use one of your hands to stroke me or put your hand in my mouth.

I love how you try so hard to have conversations with me.

I love how much you love Molly.  You are already an animal lover like your mom and dad.

I love that you sleep through the night now :)

I love how when we nap and you wake up first you lay there and quietly play with my face until I open my eyes and I get the biggest grin from you.

I love how much you love you!  A sure fire way to see you get a kick out of something is to show you your own reflection.

I love how you try so hard to get those toes in your mouth only to see that face after you realize they dont taste so good.

You make us laugh everyday.  You make everyone you meet smile.  Your daddy and I talk everyday about how lucky we are to have you in our lives.  It is true that I miss some of those newborn days only because I love snuggling with you.  My perfect little peanut.  But I wouldn't trade any of it for the little baby you are growing in to.  I am so excited to keep watching you grow!

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