May 31, 2015

Month 8

Month 8 we took our first family vacation to Florida! I think you thought you lived in a cold world. Being born in September it was a long few months of cold! You loved the warm weather.  We had a great time.  Mommy was nervous and diligent about keeping you in the shade and in sunscreen and hat as much as possible.  Florida rays are dangerous especially for sweet baby skin.  I am happy to say you came back with a healthy base. Baby's first tan!

To get there we had to take your first flight! Mommy and Daddy were very nervous but you did really good! Take off and landing were a little rough, I'm pretty sure your ears did not like the changing pressures.  Fair to say everyone hated us for about 20 min each way but that's ok.  You gave everyone smiles and no one can stay mad at that sweet face.  You were so good while we were there too.. we took you to eat and all over and you were an angel.  You love being outside and looking around at new places and people.  Some times I think you get bored of us.  We will try so hard to make you smile sometimes and you give us the stink eye then a perfect stranger walks up to you and you are bright eyed and grinning from ear to ear.  Whats up with that?  I am greedy and I want smiles all the time!

You also started giving me kisses in month 8! Amazing.  You went in the pool for the first time in Florida.  You were a little unsure about the pool at first.  But after a few minutes of feeling it out you became a water baby just like we knew you would be.

The Ocean on the other hand you could do with out for now. Mommy is ok with that!  You liked hanging out on the beach with mommy while daddy went for a swim.  We have a beach baby! 

The main reason we chose Florida for our first trip is so that you could meet your great grandparents.  To say they are crazy about you is an understatement.  They couldn't get enough.  Especially Great Grandpa.  You two really hit it off.

Like a true beach bum you took awesome naps in Florida.

Couldn't be happier to be outside in the sunshine

We obviously had to get you a personalized beach towel for the trip

Back home in NY the weather has gotten a little warmer at this point and we have been doing lots of fun things outside; walks, parks and White Post Farms.  we thought this would be a big hit since you love watching Molly run around.  But you were not a fan of the goats. 

However, you are a big fan of the swings..

You are also a big fan of the NYPD.. Daddys Girl mean muggin

Little lady in blue..

Uncle Robbie moved back to South Carolina this month.. we are going to miss him so much!

We have been having a lot of play dates this month.  You really enjoy being around other babies.  You are quite the social butterfly..

You are sitting up 100% now.  You have started to play around with starting to get up to all fours. So close to crawling!  For now if you see something you want to get to you roll on over.

 You are obsessed with Wyatt form the super readers show on sprout.  Whenever you hear the theme song you get so excited and when you see him you is really so cute.. You watch the tv and daddy and I watch you..

You also continue to make the cutest faces..

You will put anything and everything in your mouth!

You are such a happy little girl.. we love your smiles!

Month 8 came and went.. look how much you have grown!
 You are 18.1 lbs and 27 inches long

It is getting harder and harder to take your monthly photo..busy little bee

You are still Daddy's little clone but I am starting to see just a little mommy, sometimes.. Your hair also really started coming in this month. I think you will be a blondie this summer.  We love watching you grow and achieve new milestones. You make life so much fun. Everything we do is for you.. You are the best blessing we could have ever hoped for.  We love you Rylan Lark.  Happy 8 Months!

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