May 17, 2015

Months 5 and 6

Yes, we are combining months again.  Working, home renovations and being your mommy has got be all booked up! But I love it! You are growing up so fast.  I can't believe how quickly everything goes. Everyone warned me time would fly...but I was not prepared for this.  I find myself trying to hold on to little moments because I never know when it is the last time you will do something.
Big things happened in months 5 and 6!  You are sleeping through the night...anddd wait for it.. in your crib! Yes!  You are such a super star.  You are so much happier when you sleep, we are all so much happier when you sleep.  Who would have thought?  Thank you for being the best babe around.  I might be biased but you are also the most beautiful sleeping baby I've ever seen...


You smile all the time! You are a happy girl and it makes daddy and I so happy.  You make us WORK for those laughs though.  You aren't ticklish so we really make fools of ourselves to hear that squeal. You smile at everyone.  I love how social you are.  That smile is contagious and again, I might be bias, but you have the most beautiful baby smile I have ever seen..

In addition to being a great sleeper you are the world's best eater.  We started introducing solids right before month 6.  Watching your face when we give you new things is one of my favorites.  You LOVE your food.  I love how much you love to eat.  You are a big fan of fruits and oatmeal,  not so much the veggies just yet.  Some you will tolerate but you definitely do not like peas.  At all.  Will not be attempting those again any time soon.

The weather is finally starting to get nice so we have been doing lots of fun things outside.  We go for a lot of walks around town and the boardwalk.  Mommy and Daddy also brought you to the White Post Farm and you were not a fan of the 15 goats charging at you.  Sorry about that.  You just love Molly so much ( to the point where you squeal when shes around you)  we thought you would love the animals.  We will stick to ones your own size for awhile.


In month 6 you are officially rolling all over the place and starting to sit really well all by yourself.  Also everything you can get your hands on goes straight to your mouth!  You will be on the move before we know it.  Time to start baby proofing!  You also started giving out kisses in month 6.  Just when I thought you couldn't melt my heart anymore..

We celebrated your first Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day.  Daddy was so excited to have another little Valentine.  He bought you your very own miniature box of chocolate.  With a name like Rylan O'Rourke we were sure to dress you up like the beautiful little Irish Lassie you are..

Things you enjoy: Molly, being outside, being held, the car, eating, the chicca show (daddy even bought you your own chicca doll)  putting anything and everything in your mouth, the bath!  you finally love your bath

Things you dont enjoy:  getting dressed, peas, going down for you nap, goats. hehe.  all the normal stuff.  

Here are a few more pics from months 5 and 6 including some from your Baptism.  We love you little miss Rylan

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