March 04, 2010


It can be very stressful to choose a career for yourself. We are told to do something we love and that puts a lot of pressure on us because we want to be sure we will be happy. I have come to the conclusion that it is more realistic to use criteria like finding something that is challenging, practical and will give us the life that we want for ourselves.

Let's face it..only people that don't need the money from their jobs to survive actually love their jobs. Anything you HAVE to do you aren't going to love all the time. Yes, you should have an interest in what you do..take some pride in it sometimes..but I have found that we shouldn't expect to love it all the time or we will be disappointed and ultimately unhappy. Even for the people that swear they do love what they do ..I don't think they would say they wouldnt rather have the day off or not have to work all the time. In conclusion, I have realized over sometime now that a job is just that.. a job. So don't feel alone if you have that famous love/hate relationship with yours.

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