March 08, 2010

You Get What You Need

I recently got a forward email that read "God may not always give you who you want in life but He does give you who you need." This is a bold doesn't mess around. When I read it I got to thinking about my own life. I've always wanted a "daddy" and a sister, don't have either...oh hoo? nah. I've realized that what I do have is far greater. I have a mother that is so wonderful that she makes up for not having a father. I have best friends that I think of as my sisters. And I have a family that loves and supports each other and is there no matter what. God doesn't always work in ways that are accepted by society...we have many people in our lives that are our family even if there is no blood relation. He doesn't always give you what you want or what is politically correct...however, He does give..even if it be in indirect or mysterious ways. You are never alone.

There is love in the world; all around us. Be open to may just come when you are least expecting it. There is support in the world. There is kindness in the world. No one has to be comforting is that? Look around at your friends and family...whoever they are..and remember, God doesn't always give you who you want, He gives you who you beautiful is that?

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