March 22, 2010

St. Anthony

Over the weekend I became convinced that I lost two things; my camera and my retainer. Not at the same time..however..lost. Two very important things I own. One holds my memories and one keeps my once very crooked teeth in their new straight alignment (thanks mom). I was very distressed over losing them. I looked everywhere...twice. Then I remembered St. Anthony. He has come to my rescue many times over the years.

St Anthony, St Anthony please come around
something is lost and cannot be found
if you will help find it for me
you dont know how happy I will be

I prayed and I prayed to good ol' St Anthony

and then...sure enough.. I found them! Not at the same time..but found them. In places I had already looked twice.

If you ever lose anything important to you look for it (duh) but also pray.. pray to St Anthony..he always comes through. ;)

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