March 15, 2010

Those Were the Best Days of My Life

I was told over and over before I left for school "College is the best years of your life..enjoy them" I knew they would be fun but I didn't quite get what they were saying..until now.

It's like any memory I look back and only remember the great times..It's easy to forget about all the school work, petty arguments and stresses of our then financial situations..looking back on it was one big sleep over with my best friends. Of course I miss it. We were allowed to be immature adults and it was fun. Living with your friends has its benefits to living with your parents. Our mistake is that we think it will be better after college ..we will still be as close but with money and careers we would tell ourselves. But plans change and things dont always work out like we planned. Friendships take work and effort from both sides as it is easy to drift when you aren't living together. The truth of the matter is college cannot be a continuance of what college was. It's a fleeting time in your life that you need to enjoy at the moment because you can never get it back. There will be no other time in your life where you can live like you do in college. We all wish we could..we all reminisce.. we would all do anything to go back knowing what we know now.

I wish I believed the people that told me to enjoy the moments..they really are some of the best years of my life. I wish I let more petty arguments go, let school and money stress me out a little less, treasure the moments a little the cliche statement don't know what you have until it's gone....

a little video compilation of my fav memories from some of my fav years :)

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