January 08, 2010

Not Always As It Seems

I work the night shift which in nursing language means 7pm-7am aka sleepy time for the rest of the world. These hours intimidated me at first. All my life I have slept at night and been up during the day as most people. There is something mysterious about the night shift as there is always something mysterious about a life that the majority of the public doesn't understand. It's a game us night people tease the normal people with, some secret club if you will, however, I'll reveal that it is nothing out of the ordinary. According to one of my best friends, Laura, it's all about McDreamys, McSteamys and on call rooms. I hate to break it to my greys friends but its not as seductive and glamorous as television portrays. In fact, nothing about my job is glamorous. I wont get into details for the sake of your next meal, just take my word for it. If you asked me when I was a child what I wanted to be when I grow up, it wouldn't be the details of what I do day to day, however, it would be the big picture; taking care of someone in their most vulnerable time and advocating for them and their needs. There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more rewarding, sleep or no sleep.

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