January 21, 2010

Must Love Dogs

I've always been weary of people who don't like dogs. I just tell myself they must have never had one. I mean how could you not love something that loves you unconditionally, is so excited to see you all the time and wants nothing more then your approval. It's funny to me when women say "men are dogs." I think, if only they were we wouldn't have much to complain about. :) Anyway, anyone that knows me knows that I am an animal lover and that dogs have a special place in my heart. I am lucky enough to have three. :)

Meet Molly...

Molly is two and a half now (they grow up so fast) I got her senior year of college, so she was around people all the time, making her a very sociable chihuahua. She has been known to bark at strangers but quickly warms up to anyone who loves on her. Yup, she is a repeat cuddle offender. She hates when I put shirts/sweaters on her and will wiggle until she gets out of them. You can imagine how much she liked this bow on her head..just a picture opportunity.

Meet Sidney...

Sidney is definitely the smartest of the three and always knows how to get what she wants. Yes, all three are spoiled..how could you not? She is also the poster pup for lap dogs, there is no place she would rather be then on your lap.

Meet Max...

Max is the boy of the trio. The old man of the house. He is known for his awkwardness, compulsive licking, his ability to talk..yes, talk, and for putting his head on your shoulder like a baby whenever you hold him. He is the sweetest boy.

Look at those faces..they are the joys in my life and I always encourage people who can handle and afford the responsibility of a dog to get one..I will always have a dog in my life so whoever shares it with me..must love dogs :)

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